Student's Personal Details 學生資訊
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Hong Qiao International School is authorized by the International
Baccaleurate to deliver the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).
  • A non-refundable Application Fee of RMB 2000 (Valid only for the academic year for which you are applying) and all other application materials are required. Please refer to the Application Checklist for further information or visit the school website
  • An application date is assigned to each Application Form upon receipt of the completed form and the Application Fee
  • At wait-listed levels, the application date becomes effective after formal acceptance
  • The admission reviewing process begins only after receiving all supporting materials and documents.
  • The information on the Application Form is used by the Admissions Office and HQIS administration to develop an understanding of the student to better prepare him or her for entry to the classroom.

  • 需要2000圓報名費(不可退且僅限當前申請學年有效)以及其他申請材料 • (請參考報名清單或登錄 以了解更多信息)
  • 只有收到完整表格和報名費后申請表上的日期才生效 •
  • 在候補階段時,申請日期在正式接受后才有效 •
  • 註冊部在收到所有的申請材料和文檔后才進行審核程序 •
  • 註冊部使用申請表上的信息以為在入學前更好地了解學生做充分的準備 •
  • *Please complete the Application Form in English.

    Student’s Personal Details 學生資訊

    Place of Birth | 出生地


    Birth certificate
    Language and Learning Profile 語言程度

    Student | 學生

    Languages Spoken at Home | 在家用的語言

    (Please check all that apply and indicate length of time.)