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Student's Health History and Medical Records 學生醫療史
Student’s Health History and Medical Records | 學生醫療史
Health Information

Has your child received medical referral or treatment for any of the following?

Emergency Notification: It is the school’s policy that if a child is injured seriously on campus (i.e. obtaining a head injury), the nurse and / or an HQIS administrator will take the injured child to a local hospital for immediate medical assessment. In these cases, a school employee will escort the child to the hospital, and it is the parents’ responsibility to relieve the employee, as soon as possible, directly at the hospital. While this type of situation is rare, our ultimate concern is for your child’s safety.
緊急通知:如果學生在校園里受傷(例如頭部受傷),護士會將受傷的學生送往當地醫院做緊急治療。在一般情況 下,在學生離開校園前學校會先通知家長, 並且建議家長送學生去醫院。假若由校方送學生去醫院,學校會派一位員 工陪同學生前往,家長有義務在學生到達醫院后及時與校方員工交接。儘管這一情況很罕見,但是我們的最終目標都是為了學生的安全考慮。