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The Open Apply online application system is now available. Please read these guidelines before starting your application.

1. In order to register our online application, you need to register an Open Apply account. This account will be your primary source of receiving all the notifications from the school throughout the application process.

2. Complete the online application, upload all required application supporting documents. The list of grade level specific required documents and their downloads can be found in the application checklist on your Personal Applicant Account (Dashboard).

3. If this is your first time logging into Open Apply, please register an account first and then click proceed to application. If you have already registered an Open Apply account, please sign in and submit an application.

4. Payment of the Application Fee of RMB 2000.00 by:
1) Cash (in RMB only); or
2) Bank transfer (either in RMB or USD) according to the following information:
RMB 人民币账号
Beneficiary: 上海虹桥国际外籍人员子女学校
Account Number: 693762624 (RMB人民币账号)
Name of bank: China Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Branch, Chang Ning Sub-branch 中国民生银行上海市长宁支行
Address of bank: 1115 DingXi Road, Shanghai, China 中国上海市定西路1115号

Beneficiary: Shanghai Rainbow Bridge International School
Account Number: 31014510000220000077 (USD美金账号)
Name of bank: China Construction Bank, Shanghai Branch, Yang Pu Sub-branch 中国建设银行上海市杨浦支行
Address of bank: 1288 Chang Yang Road, Shanghai, China 中国上海市长阳路1288号 Swift Code: PCBCCNBJSHX

5. Once you make the payment, please forward to our office a copy of your bank remittance with your child’s English name written on it to prove student’s tuition payment. The application fee is not refundable and is valid for the assigned school year.

*Please complete the Application Form in English.

Student’s Personal Details 學生資訊

Place of Birth | 出生地


Language and Learning Profile 語言程度

Student | 學生

Languages Spoken at Home | 在家用的語言

(Please check all that apply and indicate length of time.)

School correspondence will primarily go through the e-mail addresses provided below. The family is responsible for maintaining current contact information and communication with the school. Please contact the Admissions Office to update contact information.

Local Address | 上海住址
(In English and Chinese please.)

Overseas Address |國外住址

Parent’s / Guardian’s Information 父母資訊
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Parent’s / Guardian’s Information 父母資訊
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Add Parent/Guardian

If the student is a step-child, an agreement letter from birth parent agreeing that the step parent is raising the student. 如果是繼子,請上傳親身父母的同意撫養信函。

Emergency Contact Information | 緊急聯繫人信息

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Siblings 兄弟姊妹

Add Sibling

Educational Profile and History | 曾就學資訊

List all schools previously attended, beginning with most recent school. School records must be provided for the last two school years for Elementary, and Middle School student.

Most Recent School | 最近學校

Dates of Attendance | 就學日期/年份

Has your child been tested for or recommended for any of the following:

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Modified Curriculum Upload

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) 或其他更改過的課程文件證明上傳

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(i.e. Intelligence Testing, Speech and Language Testing, Psychological Testing)

Individualized Testing Results Upload 專項測試結果上傳

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Parents: Please list out any further comments or information that may be helpful to us when evaluating your child’s application.

Student’s Health History and Medical Records | 學生醫療史
Health Information

Has your child received medical referral or treatment for any of the following?

Emergency Notification: It is the school’s policy that if a child is injured seriously on campus (i.e. obtaining a head injury), the nurse and / or an HQIS administrator will take the injured child to a local hospital for immediate medical assessment. In these cases, a school employee will escort the child to the hospital, and it is the parents’ responsibility to relieve the employee, as soon as possible, directly at the hospital. While this type of situation is rare, our ultimate concern is for your child’s safety.
緊急通知:如果學生在校園里受傷(例如頭部受傷),護士會將受傷的學生送往當地醫院做緊急治療。在一般情況 下,在學生離開校園前學校會先通知家長, 並且建議家長送學生去醫院。假若由校方送學生去醫院,學校會派一位員 工陪同學生前往,家長有義務在學生到達醫院后及時與校方員工交接。儘管這一情況很罕見,但是我們的最終目標都是為了學生的安全考慮。

Parent Agreement | 家長許可

Please read the statements below and sign to indicate your agreement to the following.

Residence Statement | 居住聲明
By signing this document, you are acting in accordance with national and local regulations regarding the enrollment of your child in this school (HQIS can only accept students possessing passports issued outside mainland China). In addition, you are confirming that the child seeking enrollment is living at the stated home address with the parent(s) full time.


Marketing Statement | 市場聲明
HQIS students and staff are often filmed or photographed at school events or during their daily life at school as they participate in activities or class events. Some of these images or videos are used in the school’s internal and external publications, including the school website and social media outlets. By signing and submitting this application, you are giving permission to the school to use images or videos which may or may not include your child. Should HQIS wish to include your child’s image as a feature in a magazine, you will be notified and contacted to grant permission for use at that time.

HQIS 的學生和員工在日常生活或者各類活動中會經常被攝影和拍照。這些影像資料會被運用在學校官網或者學校社交媒體上。簽署這份文件,代表您同意學校可以使用您孩子的這些影像資料。如果您孩子的特寫照片被用在公眾雜誌上,屆時我們會與您聯繫并獲得同意。

Permission to Release School Records | 就學記錄許可的聲明
Students who have attended school prior to HQIS must submit official records of all classes, grades, and activities. In most cases, HQIS confirms the integrity of these records directly with the school(s) prior to an enrollment decision. By signing below, you are granting HQIS permission to contact your child’s prior school(s).


Support Services | 輔助教育服務的聲明
In some cases, support services, including English as an Additional Language or Learning Support Services, may be requested by the school after the child is enrolled. In these cases the parent will receive a report explaining the need in detail, along with any supplemental fees. If the school believes these services to be necessary for the child’s success, the fees must be paid to continue enrollment.


Philosophical Support Statement | 理念聲明
Students learn best when parents and the school work together. It is this school’s commitment to work with parents to help each child develop academically and socially. By applying for admission to HQIS, the parent(s) accepts the school’s published values and mission, and supports the school in the realization of these objectives. HQIS’s language of instruction and communication is in English. Parents also agree to follow the policies outlined in the HQIS Family Handbook.

學生的良好發展取決於家庭教育與學校教育的互相配合。學校會與家長壹起幫助孩子在學術教育和社交能力上不斷成長。申請HQIS, 家長必須認同學校的價值觀與使命,朝著共同的方向,最終實現夢想與目標。

Payment Policy Statement | 缴费声明
By signing this document, you are agreeing to HQIS’s published school fees, payment structure, and refund policy. You are confirming that parent(s) are responsible for the timely payment of all school-related fees. The school reserves the right to refuse admission or continued enrollment when the full amount of school fees are not paid as per the agreement.